Spicy Thai Mango Chicken Dinner!


Mango Chicken Thai RIce DInner

Sometimes trying new things can lead to an awesome new dinner idea! I never thought the combination of chicken, mango, spicy thai, and rice would go together but they do! Definitely something I will put on the suggestion board to have again. I love anything spicy thai rice. Mango is also one of my favorite fruits. This dish is exciting and a good healthy dinner.

At my University I could not find anything to eat when it came to dinner time. Everything looked like it tasted good but I was not in the mood for them. I wanted something new and luckily that is what I got! Indian food is very unique just like their culture. Their food consists of spicy foods and sweet desserts (sounds like a perfect meal to me). Indian culture is huge on dessert. Here is a little more information from this website about the history of Indian food. They have it for religious, festive and just a tradition to have after dinner. I would not complain with having sweet desserts a part of my culture. They are known for their Shrikhand which is a yogurt dessert that is very sweet and thick. Most Indian restaurants probably have this dessert. Whenever my family goes for Indian food I have to get their mango smoothie. It’s called Mango Lassie and I recommend trying it next time you are in an Indian restaurant. It’s kind of my own tradition when I go there.


Mango Lassi

After a little research, I found thai food incorporates mango in a couple of their dishes. I found a thai dessert called Thai Mango Sticky rice, sounds interesting! If you are looking for an easy dessert to make for the night you should look at the recipe. I know when I go home for fall break I will try and make this. The reviews say that you need to buy the right sticky rice for this desert to get that perfect taste. Another recipe I think sounds really good, Mango with sticky rice! It sounds simple and a light dish. Another simple recipe that is worth checking out!

Vegitarian Friendly Campus!


Today I devoured a Spicy Thai Curry Tofu Dinner. I even got myself another plate because it was so delicious. The spicy but sweet flavors remind me of this restaurant near my hometown in Oakhurst, NJ called Takara Japanese Restaurant. Which was featured in the well known food magazine and the website Zagat. This restaurant is a family run business that is successful because of their traditional Japanese food. I even used to work there. They have the best spicy vegetarian curry if you happen to be in the area.

I like how here on campus they not only offer different types of foods but also they have vegetarian and gluten free stations so everyone can feel comfortable eating at the cafeteria. Which is another reason why Scranton feels like such a happy and welcoming school.

I am not personally a vegetarian but my father used to be and he introduced me to tofu. I learned all the amazing things you can do with tofu because it is simply flavorless but when cooked with the right ingredients tofu can taste so good. It can also help if you are trying to watch your weight here on campus because it substitutes for meat with less calories. One half a cup of raw tofu is 94 calories which I learned from about.com nutrition page. Tofu is cholesterol free, contains iron, and is organic. Referring to my last blog, I love Pinterest! I look up most of my recipes from there. I recommend trying to make Peanut Butter Spicy Noodles! It is delicious and different. So keep tofu on your mind when you are planning your next meal!