Middle Eastern Fast Food

Another place I need to visit was a fast food hummus restaurant in my home town called Good2Go. They specialize in making healthy, vegetarian fast food. My favorite meal to order is the traditional falafel. It has chickpeas, hummus, veggies, and it is all stuffed into a pita pocket bread. It may not sound very filling, but one of these will fill me up for dinner and I usually can barely finish it!

Fast Food Hummas

Fast Food Hummus

The falafel is a popular fast food meal in the Middle East that is making it’s way over to America. Falafels take about 15 minutes to prep but about an hour to cook. But it is worth the wait. At About.com – How to make a Falafels shows you a recipe to making a simple falafel meal.

A falafel is fried chickpeas, vegetables and herbs packed into a ball. It is vegetarian friendly and also has a great taste. Chickpeas or garbanzo beans are known in the Mediterranean, India and the Middle Eastern. It is known to make falafals and a certain kind of Burmese tofu. It replaces red meat, they are high in fiber and can lower cholesterol. They are great to add to a salad to replace tofu. Like tofu the chickpea does not have a strong taste but it does fill you up. Here the website the World’s Healthiest Foods, lists chickpeas as one healthy ingredient.

Easy, Good Breakfast At Home

In my previous post, I mentioned that I had Fall Break the past few days. When I’m home I love cooking. In the morning I cooked an easy breakfast, some french toast with cinnamon and bananas. It is a very tasty breakfast that combines toast and pancakes but has a unique taste.

My French Toast with Bananas

My French Toast with Bananas

All you need is a stove, bread, eggs, vanilla extract, milk and butter. First step to mix 2 eggs into a bowl (1 eggs for every 2 slices of brad), than add milk (2 tablespoons per egg), 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract (depends on how much you like). Than whisk it

all together with a fork and dip your bread into it. Turn the stove on a medium low heat and take a wide pan and add butter to it so the bread won’t stick. Add the bread to the pan and cook until they are a golden color. Than put the bread on a plate, add some butter and cinnamon and if you like syrup add that too! I like to add fruit like my ba

nana for some extra flavors, but blue berries and strawberries are also great to add! And there is you quick and easy meal. If you want to get more of an idea about making french toast, here is another simple french toast recipe.

I like to add bananas to my breakfast because they are filled with great things for your body! They are high in fiber, are great for building energy and they are delicious. Here are 25 more reasons why you should eat bananas!

I read some tips on making the best french toast from a website French Toast Secrets. One tip is using the right bread, like stale bread! It helps soak up the mix of eggs and milk, etc. Also if you are cutting your own bread to cut thick pieces like Texas toast style. I hope this helps improve you french toast making skills.