Free Cup of Tea

Green Tea with my sushi

Green Tea with my sushi

In a previous post I talked about sushi at my school. Well my friend and I had a sushi feast the other night at a local sushi restaurant. This blog is not about the sushi this time. Did you know in traditional Japanese sushi restaurants the tea is free? Yes, free.

This does not mean you should demand free tea in any restaurant you go into because they are allowed to charge you. But the Japanese restaurant I waitress in at home we serve free tea. This is most likely because the owners are Asian and it is a part of their culture. Tea originally roots from China says TeaKnowledgeBase website. Tea was used for ceremonies and have continued to be used for every day use.

The most famous tea is green tea is very good for the body. From it says that green tea can help prevent cancer, weak immune system and cardiovascular disease. But there are also many other teas famous in Japan like jasmine tea and black tea. It is tradition for Japanese people to drink tea with their meals. More information about Japanese tea from the website Tea In Japan.

Tea is very good for you. From it says that the tea plants have bioflavanoids which are antioxidant plant pigments. Tea is filled with vitamins and it helps your immune system. This is why whenever you are sick your parents or doctors will tell you to make yourself a warm cup of tea.

Middle Eastern Fast Food

Another place I need to visit was a fast food hummus restaurant in my home town called Good2Go. They specialize in making healthy, vegetarian fast food. My favorite meal to order is the traditional falafel. It has chickpeas, hummus, veggies, and it is all stuffed into a pita pocket bread. It may not sound very filling, but one of these will fill me up for dinner and I usually can barely finish it!

Fast Food Hummas

Fast Food Hummus

The falafel is a popular fast food meal in the Middle East that is making it’s way over to America. Falafels take about 15 minutes to prep but about an hour to cook. But it is worth the wait. At – How to make a Falafels shows you a recipe to making a simple falafel meal.

A falafel is fried chickpeas, vegetables and herbs packed into a ball. It is vegetarian friendly and also has a great taste. Chickpeas or garbanzo beans are known in the Mediterranean, India and the Middle Eastern. It is known to make falafals and a certain kind of Burmese tofu. It replaces red meat, they are high in fiber and can lower cholesterol. They are great to add to a salad to replace tofu. Like tofu the chickpea does not have a strong taste but it does fill you up. Here the website the World’s Healthiest Foods, lists chickpeas as one healthy ingredient.

Meat Is Good For You Too!


My beautiful steak dinner!

So, I broke my streak of eating non meat and I enjoyed upscale Wednesday at my school. Usually we have to pay a couple of bucks but some Wednesdays they have free upscale which is usually when I participate. Tonight they had steak! My absolute favorite, with a baked potato and string beans. If someone asked me to describe my ideal dinner it would be what I had tonight.

Steak does not have to be just slapped on a plate next to some greens and potatoes. Even it is still delicious. But you can get creative with steak! Add some greens and make a  steak salad or make some steak tacos. Steak can made in many different ways and if you are not a fan of steak try pork, salmon, turkey or chicken! They all include protein but all have different tastes.

For the people who work out everyday or play a sport you need the protein for you bones and for cell repairs. It helps with other things in your body like regulate your red blood cells and add to the iron you need in your body. It is all about regulation, you have to eat meat in portions and eat smart. For example, steak or a hamburger every night is not healthy for your body. It can cause high cholesterol and has high amounts of saturated fats. There are more facts about eating meat healthy from

Instant Breakfast!


Quaker Oatmeal To Go Bar

Here at the University we have three different meal plans. Unlimited, 14 plan and 10 plan. On the Scranton Campus Dish website it shows the different types of meal plan the University offers. I have the 14 meal plan. I had this plan my Sophomore year also and it worked well.  I only get food on campus for lunch and dinner. I usually make my breakfast and my definition of “make” means cereal or a breakfast bar. However! I found these amazing and delicious Quaker oatmeal bars. They are so good and filling! All you have to do is pop them in microwave and you have a fresh on the go breakfast!

They sell these wonderful inventions in your local super market but conveniently enough, they sell them on campus. I discovered them at the grocery store on campus. It has become such a wonderful investment. I usually add fruit to eat with it like a banana or an apple. I recommend trying them. I also will eat one before Rugby practice because it can make a perfect snack. This article 10 Reasons to eat Oatmeal in the morning mentions how it is a good way to help loose weight and remain healthy because it has a lot of fiber which the body needs. Including only 220 calories and you can warm them up. The directions given say to open one side of the wrapper and put it in the microwave for 10 seconds. It is easy and makes the