The Perfect Healthy Snack

My apple cutter came in handy

My apple cutter came in handy

Apples are the perfect healthy snack. They are also great to add to a healthy meal for flavor and texture. I see apples as an easy way to be healthy because they taste so good. “An apple a day will keep the doctor away.” This phrase is true in the sense that apples are really healthy for you. They have zero cholestoral, fat and sodium. Most apples (depending on the size) are around 80 calories. Apples have vitamin A and E and also C which helps the immune system. Apples gives the body a boost of natural energy which everyone could use. It is a very good snack when you are dieting or just trying to eat healthy. Here are 9 more reasons why apples are beneficial for the body. So put down the chips and pick up an apple.

If you are not a fan of biting apples, buy an apple cutter like in my picture. It cuts the apple into 8 pieces that make it easier to eat. This also makes the apple easier to dip into other foods like peanut butter or caramel. You can buy an apple cutter from most food stores but here’s a apple cutter for only $4.49 from Fox Run.

Also, Fall is the season for apple picking! Since I am in Pennsylvania, I looked up a couple of different orchards from an Pennsylvania Orchards Directory which shows exactly where different apple picking locations are. Apple picking places are easy to find. By searching on or just asking around. Enjoy your apple eating!

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