Fast Food, Good Food

WindMill In Long Branch, NJ

WindMill In Long Branch, NJ

This past weekend the University had their Fall Break for the students and faculty. I went home to New Jersey. Whenever I go home there are numerous places I must go to get my comfort food. My first stop was the fast food restaurant called WindMill which is a famous burger place in New Jersey.

If I’m not ordering a cheeseburger with fries, I get chicken fingers and fries with cheese sauce on top. This is a little different than the previous posts I have been writing because this food is not the healthiest. But, everyone needs some greasy foods especially when you are craving it. The WindMill’s menu includes all of Jersey’s finest beach food of burgers, hot dogs and fries. The restaurant is even located a block from the beach!

I like my burgers cooked medium when the center is a slight pink and juicy. It can be difficult to cook/grill the perfect burger without under cooking or over cooking it. The best way to cook the perfect hamburger is by buying good meat. Meaning good beef that is at least 20% fat because that determines how juicy it will be. Some people like to grind there own meat but most grocery stores have it pre-grinded or will grind it for you. To get your burger to be medium it takes about 3 minutes for each side. I read on burgerology: How to cook a perfect burger, that if you are making a cheese burger to wrap your burger with aluminum foil helps melt the cheese on your burger to give it a really nice taste. And you have a delicious burger!

The hamburger appeared around the 20th century said in The History of the Hamburger on Wikipedia. It was invented simply because people did not have enough time to cook a full meal, so instead they took meat and put it in between two slices of bread and that was the start of a long tradition in America.



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