Meat Is Good For You Too!


My beautiful steak dinner!

So, I broke my streak of eating non meat and I enjoyed upscale Wednesday at my school. Usually we have to pay a couple of bucks but some Wednesdays they have free upscale which is usually when I participate. Tonight they had steak! My absolute favorite, with a baked potato and string beans. If someone asked me to describe my ideal dinner it would be what I had tonight.

Steak does not have to be just slapped on a plate next to some greens and potatoes. Even it is still delicious. But you can get creative with steak! Add some greens and make a  steak salad or make some steak tacos. Steak can made in many different ways and if you are not a fan of steak try pork, salmon, turkey or chicken! They all include protein but all have different tastes.

For the people who work out everyday or play a sport you need the protein for you bones and for cell repairs. It helps with other things in your body like regulate your red blood cells and add to the iron you need in your body. It is all about regulation, you have to eat meat in portions and eat smart. For example, steak or a hamburger every night is not healthy for your body. It can cause high cholesterol and has high amounts of saturated fats. There are more facts about eating meat healthy from

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