My Light Dinner With So Many Benefits

Today I had a very light dinner. I had a tofu salad. This salad had not only tofu but also eggplant as a source of protein. The salad was also filled with tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers on top of mixed lettuce.  I did not make this salad it was one of the dinners offered that was vegetarian friendly. The 20130927_190944way this was prepared was by putting the eggplant and tofu on a cooking pan with a vinaigrette dressing giving the tofu flavor. Like I mentioned in a previous post, tofu does not have any taste.

Eggplant was a great addition to this salad. I love the taste of eggplant whether raw or cooked. In this case it was baked. Eggplant has so many benefits to it. On it is listed as one of the best vegstables out there. Eggplant is brain food and includes so many nutrients the body needs like fiber, vitamins A, C, K and also is low on calories. And did I mention it tastes delicious!

Most lettuce are the same calorie wise, however the use of lettuce is based off of different nutrients in the lettuce. Iceberg lettuce and spinach actually do make a difference. Read more about it on I personally like spinach for my salads, but my school allows you to mix different lettuces when you order salad the way you want it. Or the salad bar gives you the choice between three lettuces and you can choose to mix if you would like.

This dish is an easy one to make at home. Baked tofu is not only delicious but it adds lots of flavor to it. From the blog, The Healthy Foodie, gives an awesome recipe on how to make baked tofu.



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