Free Cup of Tea

Green Tea with my sushi

Green Tea with my sushi

In a previous post I talked about sushi at my school. Well my friend and I had a sushi feast the other night at a local sushi restaurant. This blog is not about the sushi this time. Did you know in traditional Japanese sushi restaurants the tea is free? Yes, free.

This does not mean you should demand free tea in any restaurant you go into because they are allowed to charge you. But the Japanese restaurant I waitress in at home we serve free tea. This is most likely because the owners are Asian and it is a part of their culture. Tea originally roots from China says TeaKnowledgeBase website. Tea was used for ceremonies and have continued to be used for every day use.

The most famous tea is green tea is very good for the body. From it says that green tea can help prevent cancer, weak immune system and cardiovascular disease. But there are also many other teas famous in Japan like jasmine tea and black tea. It is tradition for Japanese people to drink tea with their meals. More information about Japanese tea from the website Tea In Japan.

Tea is very good for you. From it says that the tea plants have bioflavanoids which are antioxidant plant pigments. Tea is filled with vitamins and it helps your immune system. This is why whenever you are sick your parents or doctors will tell you to make yourself a warm cup of tea.

Popular Latte Art

Northern Lights in Scranton.

Northern Lights in Scranton.

On my first day back at Scranton after Fall Break, I stopped at Northern Lights. A hip coffee shop down town Scranton. A lot of students walk there to grab a hot cup of coffee and a pastry.

Latte Art is created by pouring steamed milk into a espresso shot to create a design into a cup of coffee. A coffee blog called SeedsCoffee, says that latte art was developed in the 1980s by a man named David Schomer. Now there are latte art competitions around the world and just local artists in your coffee shops who do it for fun.

I am obsessed with coffee art! Here is a YouTube video of it in action. Here from Wiki – 3 Ways to Make Latte Art shows some simple, easy steps on how to make art out of your coffee. It seems simple but you have to have a crafty eye and it takes practice.

Tina Kelley and Kevin Ryan Visits U of Scranton!

A couple weeks ago I mentioned going to an event where a Pulitzer price winner came to speak at my school. I also mentioned my class being able to live tweet the event. Here are the tweets my classmates and I put together!

Tina Kelley and Kevin Ryan Visits U of Scranton!

My News writing communication class was honored to be invited to breakfast with the authors of “Almost Home.” Tina Kelley and Kevin Ryan are two inspiring people who shared many inspiring stories with us.

  1. Such a wonderful breakfast this morning accompanied by inspiring people. Thank you @CovHousePrez @tinakelley #IgnatianValues
  2. If serious about the fight one by one we can make sure no child dies blindly #IgnatianValues #Comm224
  3. Thank you @CovHousePrez and @tinakelley for being here at the University of Scranton and sharing these children’s stories. #ignatianvalues
  4. Q&A comment: We need to give kids more chances.Some kids go in and out of Covenant house as many as 11 times. #ignatianvalues
  5. The sad reality is too many children die an invisible death and we can help prevent that. @CovHousePrez #IgnatianValues #Hope
  6. If serious about the fight one by one we can make sure no child dies blindly #IgnatianValues #Comm224
  7. Homeless youth tragedies are not publicized. They often die invisible deaths. We need to stop this, one by one. #IgnatianValues
  8. Too many homeless kids die “invisible deaths”. Why does nobody talk about this? #ignatianvalues #invisiblecasualties
  9. Some lessons I’ve learned is just take small steps over time. Creates less stress working w poverty. @tinakelley #AlmostHome #IgnatianValues
  10. 1/3 kids in America live below the poverty line. Is this America? #IgnatianValues
  11. Real heroes aren’t the kind u hear about on TV. They do small act of kindness. Decency. Love. #smallactscount #IgnatianValues
  12. The most heroic acts are the small acts of kindness decency and love. #IgnatianValues #AlmostHome #Hope
  13. “Real heroes aren’t the kinds of people you read about in newspapers or see on tv” -quote from Almost Home #ignatianvalues
  14. Real heroes aren’t who you read about. The most heroic or biggest thing you can do in a day is an act of kindness or love. #IgnatianValues
  15. Cutting rates of suicide, homelessness, and departure starts with parents. #BELIEVE #Comm224 #IgnatianValues
  16. Sometimes “tiny steps” from parents mean the difference between a kid ending up homeless or not #ignatianvalues
  17. Sometimes a little incentive helps homeless youth succeed over time. #poverty #IgnatianValues #comm224
  18. Youth On Their Own Program also provides assistance for homeless youth in Arizona #IgnatianValues #comm224
  19. Homeless kids have pocket money if they keep their commitment of staying in school. #IgnatianValues
  20. Youth On Their Own Program also provides assistance for homeless youth in Arizona #IgnatianValues #comm224
  21. Homeless kids have pocket money if they keep their commitment of staying in school. #IgnatianValues
  22. Kids with a specific detective had a 70% chance of finding a home. #IgnatianValues #Hope #AlmostHome
  23. So many of kids who age out of foster care em up homeless. This is the world w live in? #IgnatianValues
  24. “40% of kids who age out of child welfare end up homeless by their mid 20’s” #ignatianvalues #comm224
  25. Extended family are usually willing to help when they find out a child is in the child welfare system #ignatianvalues #comm224
  26. Kids with a specific officer on their case have a 70% of finding a home #IgnatianValues
  27. When moved by stories people want to do what they can to help #IgnatianValues #Comm224
  28. It doesn’t take something huge to help kids. We just need to act. #ignatianvalues #comm224
  29. The transformation from shame to redemption is more powerful than anything #IgnatianValues
  30. Covenant House is a bridge for kids from poverty to opportunity. #ignatianvalues #comm224
  31. We are not going to fix young people. They are going to fix themselves. @CovHousePrez #IgnatianValues #Comm224 #Hope
  32. We will not fix young people they will fix themselves we just need to help them believe #IgnatianValues
  33. I’d give them an adult who believes in them, motivates, hugs, and loves them like my parents did. @CovHousePrez #IgnatianValues #hope
  34. All these laws about 3 strikes your out in law enforcement is wrong #IgnatianValues
  35. When one person steps in a child can begin to believe in themselves. #IgnatianValues
  36. “Who wants to celebrate their high school graduation by moving into a homeless shelter?” @CovHousePrez #ignatianvalues #comm224
  37. Who wants to spend their high school graduation in a homeless shelter. Yet some have no choice #IgnatianValues
  38. Imagine being 18 years old and moving into a homeless shelter. #IgnatianValues
  39. Kids without stability are everywhere. Does the child welfare system help #IgnatianValues
  40. Kevin Ryan said that at first, being in covenant house he almost lost hope in humanity. #IgnatianValues #comm224
  41. To see a house of 300 kids with nothin was a solar eclipse #IgnatianValues
  42. “AID are killing hundreds of homeless kids and that just didn’t make sense to me.” Kevin Ryan #IgnatianValues
  43. We here at the university pride ourselves on helping our students become people they were born to be #IgnatianValues
  44. “Children are homeless & Tina Kelley & Kevin Ryan help them from homelessness to hope.” #IgnatianValues

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The Perfect Healthy Snack

My apple cutter came in handy

My apple cutter came in handy

Apples are the perfect healthy snack. They are also great to add to a healthy meal for flavor and texture. I see apples as an easy way to be healthy because they taste so good. “An apple a day will keep the doctor away.” This phrase is true in the sense that apples are really healthy for you. They have zero cholestoral, fat and sodium. Most apples (depending on the size) are around 80 calories. Apples have vitamin A and E and also C which helps the immune system. Apples gives the body a boost of natural energy which everyone could use. It is a very good snack when you are dieting or just trying to eat healthy. Here are 9 more reasons why apples are beneficial for the body. So put down the chips and pick up an apple.

If you are not a fan of biting apples, buy an apple cutter like in my picture. It cuts the apple into 8 pieces that make it easier to eat. This also makes the apple easier to dip into other foods like peanut butter or caramel. You can buy an apple cutter from most food stores but here’s a apple cutter for only $4.49 from Fox Run.

Also, Fall is the season for apple picking! Since I am in Pennsylvania, I looked up a couple of different orchards from an Pennsylvania Orchards Directory which shows exactly where different apple picking locations are. Apple picking places are easy to find. By searching on or just asking around. Enjoy your apple eating!

Middle Eastern Fast Food

Another place I need to visit was a fast food hummus restaurant in my home town called Good2Go. They specialize in making healthy, vegetarian fast food. My favorite meal to order is the traditional falafel. It has chickpeas, hummus, veggies, and it is all stuffed into a pita pocket bread. It may not sound very filling, but one of these will fill me up for dinner and I usually can barely finish it!

Fast Food Hummas

Fast Food Hummus

The falafel is a popular fast food meal in the Middle East that is making it’s way over to America. Falafels take about 15 minutes to prep but about an hour to cook. But it is worth the wait. At – How to make a Falafels shows you a recipe to making a simple falafel meal.

A falafel is fried chickpeas, vegetables and herbs packed into a ball. It is vegetarian friendly and also has a great taste. Chickpeas or garbanzo beans are known in the Mediterranean, India and the Middle Eastern. It is known to make falafals and a certain kind of Burmese tofu. It replaces red meat, they are high in fiber and can lower cholesterol. They are great to add to a salad to replace tofu. Like tofu the chickpea does not have a strong taste but it does fill you up. Here the website the World’s Healthiest Foods, lists chickpeas as one healthy ingredient.

Easy, Good Breakfast At Home

In my previous post, I mentioned that I had Fall Break the past few days. When I’m home I love cooking. In the morning I cooked an easy breakfast, some french toast with cinnamon and bananas. It is a very tasty breakfast that combines toast and pancakes but has a unique taste.

My French Toast with Bananas

My French Toast with Bananas

All you need is a stove, bread, eggs, vanilla extract, milk and butter. First step to mix 2 eggs into a bowl (1 eggs for every 2 slices of brad), than add milk (2 tablespoons per egg), 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract (depends on how much you like). Than whisk it

all together with a fork and dip your bread into it. Turn the stove on a medium low heat and take a wide pan and add butter to it so the bread won’t stick. Add the bread to the pan and cook until they are a golden color. Than put the bread on a plate, add some butter and cinnamon and if you like syrup add that too! I like to add fruit like my ba

nana for some extra flavors, but blue berries and strawberries are also great to add! And there is you quick and easy meal. If you want to get more of an idea about making french toast, here is another simple french toast recipe.

I like to add bananas to my breakfast because they are filled with great things for your body! They are high in fiber, are great for building energy and they are delicious. Here are 25 more reasons why you should eat bananas!

I read some tips on making the best french toast from a website French Toast Secrets. One tip is using the right bread, like stale bread! It helps soak up the mix of eggs and milk, etc. Also if you are cutting your own bread to cut thick pieces like Texas toast style. I hope this helps improve you french toast making skills.

Fast Food, Good Food

WindMill In Long Branch, NJ

WindMill In Long Branch, NJ

This past weekend the University had their Fall Break for the students and faculty. I went home to New Jersey. Whenever I go home there are numerous places I must go to get my comfort food. My first stop was the fast food restaurant called WindMill which is a famous burger place in New Jersey.

If I’m not ordering a cheeseburger with fries, I get chicken fingers and fries with cheese sauce on top. This is a little different than the previous posts I have been writing because this food is not the healthiest. But, everyone needs some greasy foods especially when you are craving it. The WindMill’s menu includes all of Jersey’s finest beach food of burgers, hot dogs and fries. The restaurant is even located a block from the beach!

I like my burgers cooked medium when the center is a slight pink and juicy. It can be difficult to cook/grill the perfect burger without under cooking or over cooking it. The best way to cook the perfect hamburger is by buying good meat. Meaning good beef that is at least 20% fat because that determines how juicy it will be. Some people like to grind there own meat but most grocery stores have it pre-grinded or will grind it for you. To get your burger to be medium it takes about 3 minutes for each side. I read on burgerology: How to cook a perfect burger, that if you are making a cheese burger to wrap your burger with aluminum foil helps melt the cheese on your burger to give it a really nice taste. And you have a delicious burger!

The hamburger appeared around the 20th century said in The History of the Hamburger on Wikipedia. It was invented simply because people did not have enough time to cook a full meal, so instead they took meat and put it in between two slices of bread and that was the start of a long tradition in America.



Spicy Thai Mango Chicken Dinner!


Mango Chicken Thai RIce DInner

Sometimes trying new things can lead to an awesome new dinner idea! I never thought the combination of chicken, mango, spicy thai, and rice would go together but they do! Definitely something I will put on the suggestion board to have again. I love anything spicy thai rice. Mango is also one of my favorite fruits. This dish is exciting and a good healthy dinner.

At my University I could not find anything to eat when it came to dinner time. Everything looked like it tasted good but I was not in the mood for them. I wanted something new and luckily that is what I got! Indian food is very unique just like their culture. Their food consists of spicy foods and sweet desserts (sounds like a perfect meal to me). Indian culture is huge on dessert. Here is a little more information from this website about the history of Indian food. They have it for religious, festive and just a tradition to have after dinner. I would not complain with having sweet desserts a part of my culture. They are known for their Shrikhand which is a yogurt dessert that is very sweet and thick. Most Indian restaurants probably have this dessert. Whenever my family goes for Indian food I have to get their mango smoothie. It’s called Mango Lassie and I recommend trying it next time you are in an Indian restaurant. It’s kind of my own tradition when I go there.


Mango Lassi

After a little research, I found thai food incorporates mango in a couple of their dishes. I found a thai dessert called Thai Mango Sticky rice, sounds interesting! If you are looking for an easy dessert to make for the night you should look at the recipe. I know when I go home for fall break I will try and make this. The reviews say that you need to buy the right sticky rice for this desert to get that perfect taste. Another recipe I think sounds really good, Mango with sticky rice! It sounds simple and a light dish. Another simple recipe that is worth checking out!

Sushi Craze


Free Sushi Night!

The University offers free sushi night every once and a while. This is a great way to get a large crowd at the cafeteria. I went around 6:45 p.m. and could not even find a seat! Sushi has become very popular over the past couple of years and I have participated in the sushi craze. I even learned how to make sushi at my old job. I love sushi, my favorite roll is a tie between spicy tuna and salmon avocado and I love tuna sashimi as well. Mmmm I’m hungry thinking about it.

Of course the fish is raw, at first I was not a fan of this but after tasting raw fish I fell in love, well my taste bites did. Sushi is not only tasty but it has a lot of nutrients. Raw fish that is caught and prepared the freshest are the ones to eat. it talks about the different types of raw and their nutrients. If you are skeptical about eating raw fish here’s a blog about some signs to look for to scope out bad sushi. Men’s Health Website also has a few of the most popular rolls that people usually get and includes the calories and nutrients they have. An observation of a couple websites I’ve read now, the roll that are the least amount of calories are of course the vegetable rolls that are about 130 calories. A plain tuna roll is about 180 calories. This is not including the amount of soy sauce or ginger and wasabi added.

Homemade sushi sounds tricky but the truth is it is simple. At my old waitress job, I watched the sushi chefs make sushi masterpieces on a plate in minutes. If work was slow and there were no customers I would ask the chefs to teach me how to make sushi. The fish has to be very fresh and the knife you use has to be very sharp. It is a task they have been practicing for a while but I found a couple tips on how to make homemade sushi from

Meat Is Good For You Too!


My beautiful steak dinner!

So, I broke my streak of eating non meat and I enjoyed upscale Wednesday at my school. Usually we have to pay a couple of bucks but some Wednesdays they have free upscale which is usually when I participate. Tonight they had steak! My absolute favorite, with a baked potato and string beans. If someone asked me to describe my ideal dinner it would be what I had tonight.

Steak does not have to be just slapped on a plate next to some greens and potatoes. Even it is still delicious. But you can get creative with steak! Add some greens and make a  steak salad or make some steak tacos. Steak can made in many different ways and if you are not a fan of steak try pork, salmon, turkey or chicken! They all include protein but all have different tastes.

For the people who work out everyday or play a sport you need the protein for you bones and for cell repairs. It helps with other things in your body like regulate your red blood cells and add to the iron you need in your body. It is all about regulation, you have to eat meat in portions and eat smart. For example, steak or a hamburger every night is not healthy for your body. It can cause high cholesterol and has high amounts of saturated fats. There are more facts about eating meat healthy from