Breakfast with a Pulitzer Prize Winner!

Last week, September 20, my communication news writing class was able to attend a breakfast event at my school. We had to wake up early and dress real fancy. We were practicing how to live tweet an event which is harder than it sounds. You have to practice typing really fast and precise. The person you are quoting is not going to slow down or repeat what they said so you have to make sure you type really fast. The breakfast was really good practice and a good experience. You can check out my tweets from that night on my Twitter @MelanieACross

You are probably wondering who was speaking at this breakfast! Well we were honored to meet the Pulitzer Prize winner and author of “Almost Home Tina Kelley and the other author Kevin Ryan. Tina is a writer for the New York Times and Kevin is the Covenant House President. Their book is about homeless children and their experience trying to help them. They are inspirational and intelligent individuals who are spreading hope to all these children.

Since my blog is all about food, I have to mention what we had for breakfast. It was a buffet, so I was tempted to eat everything but I kept my temptation under control. I had french toast that drowned in syrup, potatoes, strawberries, pineapple, and of course coffee! I love the breakfast food at my school like I mentioned in my first blog. Everything is always delicious and fresh!


My class and professor!



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