I Love Coffee!

Coffee is one of those necessities college students adapt over time. It is probably the reason why most parents started becoming addicted to caffeine. Personally, I started drinking coffee in high school but my cravings definitely increased over the past two years being in college. Drinking coffee becomes apart of your every day habits. Coffee can be a negative toward your body. Coffee causes the body to become dehydrated so drink plenty of water with coffee or energy drink! Also keep in mind the time of the consumption of coffee because college students need about 7-8 hours of sleep which most do not get. However, drinking coffee later on during the day can cause lack of sleep. Check out this website Caffeine Craze! It includes some more facts about coffee consumption and even has an online poll.

Today is Sunday and I have already made 2 trips to the Starbucks on campus. This means I’ve had about 660 mgs of caffeine today according to The Center for Science in the Public Interest Caffeine chart. Having a Starbucks on campus is a blessing because we do not have a Dunkin Donuts, but the temptation to add more caffeine is alwaysthere. I also add one or two extra shots of espressos to my drink to get me through my day but I have to start thinking about how unhealthy it is for my body. We do have another coffee shop called Java City in our library which gives us a couple of options. Another way I can satisfy my coffee needs is through my Kureig. That was one of the main things on my list of things for college when I was an incoming Freshman two years ago and I still use it daily. My roommates love using it too!


For all the Starbucks lovers like myself, check out Starbucks Secret Menu! Every Starbucks has a secret menu but they do not advertise it. The Caramel Snicker doodle Macchiato is absolutely delicious! I really want to try their Skinny Mint Tea and the Banana Split Frappicino.


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