Mexican Night!


I am obsessed with Mexican food. When I get a craving for it, it must be my next meal! Whether I go out to eat or make it myself. My favorite Mexican dish is a tie between quesadillas and tacos. Scranton has a variety of choices. Some nights they offer Mexican style food upstairs in the cafeteria. Today I had the chicken and cheese quesadillas with rice! It is so good and they portion the food so you get a decent meal but you are not too stuffed. Scranton has a website I use daily called Campus Dish, here you can see what the cafeteria has for breakfast, lunch, and dinner before making the trip to the third floor!

But if it is not on the menu for the day there is always the choice of going to Zocas which is downstairs by our fast food section. Zocas Fresh Mexican Fare has quesadillas, tacos, taco salads, and burritos. My favorite is the burritos from Zocas. I usually get chicken, rice, cilantro, cheese and tomatoes. I love using my fitness pal and they also have it online! You can look up how many calories different meals are and they track how many calories you consume. Surprisingly they have Zocas on my fitness pal. 

I have eaten my fill of Mexican food the past couple of days. I went home for the weekend in New Jersey and on my last night there my mom and I went to my favorite Mexican restaurant in my town, Don Chuchos. They have the best salad bowl where the bowl is edible! It is made out of a breaded shell that you can dip and eat your salad with. The atmosphere there is always friendly and most of the workers there know my family.


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