Fresh Lunch


I love salad bars. Not only can you see exactly what you are adding to your meal but it is a healthy and fun choice. Today I had a salad with spinach leaves, cucumbers, feta cheese, two pieces of celery and craisins topped with balsamic vinegar. On the side I had tomato rice soup. A very vegan lunch once again, but don’t worry I will have some chicken for dinner tonight!

Don’t know what craisins are? Craisins are dried cranberries, just like raisins except they are cranberry! I love craisins as a little snack. They go great with almonds and or on your salads. 1/4 cups of craisins are only 130 calories. One serving of craisins meet 25% of your daily fruit needs. They are also fat free and cholesterol free which is awesome.

At the University, healthy eating is your choice and the school does encourage it’s students to eat healthy but they cannot force people to do anything. It’s the students choice whether they want to get into the salad line or the Chick-Fil-A line (which I do every once in a while). Chick-Fil-A actully has a nutrition tracker which has the entire menu online and it shows what you are eating and all the facts you need. I love having a variety of different foods to eat because if you eat the same thing everyday you can get bored with what you are eating.

My favorite salad to make at home is spinach leaves with strawberries, grilled chicken, cottage cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes with poppy seed dressing on top. It is a summer dish but all the ingredients are available all year long. I think it is a refreshing meal and it has so many good things about it. I found a delicious looking recipe on Lauren’s Latest Blog which is a little different from mine. Instead of chicken this says to use bacon which sounds absolutely amazing.


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