Fresh Dinner


I love dinner here at Scranton. Not only because the food is great, but also because all my friends get dinner together. It is like a family dinner when we go and we all make sure we set a side at least thirty minutes to an hour out of our day to have a meal together. I think it is very important because it gives us a structure and also a feeling of comfort. At home dinner is eaten as a family and I like that my friends enjoy spending time getting our minds off of school work and stress and just enjoying our time.

For dinner we went to the Montrone Building or what we call the P.O.D. It is an on campus cafeteria/grocery store. This year we have a new sandwich station where you can get You Pick Three meals. It reminds me of Panera Bread (one of my favorite food places at home) because you can get you pick two there and they have sandwiches similar to the ones at my school. At the P.O.D. you have a choice of a sandwich, either a soup or salad, and either chips or fruit. My new favorite sandwich is the Hummus Ciabatta with a side of fruit. The ciabatta bread is smothered in hummus and than topped with cucumbers, spinach, tomatoes, and a oil spread. It is served cold and happens to be amazing. Hummus is very healthy for you and 1 teaspoon of hummus is about 27 calories which I got from a website called CalorieCount. This plate has a lot of carbs with the hummus and the ciabatta bread but it is a light dinner that actually makes you fill full without feeling too full.

I love hummus. It is a Middle Eastern spread that has become well known in America. It is pureed chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic, sesame butter, and olive oil. From this website, WedMD, it states that hummus is rich in fiber and protein. It also says that hummus can help lower blood cholesterol and help prevent cancer. So eat up! I personally like my hummus with some vegetables and use the hummus as a dip. But my new favorite thanks to the P.O.D. at my school is to spread it on my sandwich to give it a different taste and texture. I found this recipe from Deliciously Ella that makes one bowl of fresh hummus that I recommend checking out. Enjoy!


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