First post!


Just how the day starts with breakfast, I am going to start my blog with the topic of breakfast and also share what I ate for breakfast today. I am a food lover and I believe food is an important part of everyone’s life. The study that, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” seems to be true. It helps you start your day and also there are new studies saying that skipping breakfast can increase chances in heart attacks and chronic heart disease says an article by the Harvard School of Public Health article. Even though this study is found in mostly men, it still applies to women and their diets. In an article by Mayo Clinic, they say that breakfast is important because it affects performance and diet. It helps boost energy and can prevent over eating at lunch time. I believe in this theory through my own experience. When I skip breakfast at school I feel tired and all I can think about in class is what I am going to eat next instead of focusing on what my teacher is saying. Also if I go to the gym before eating anything I also feel as if I am not performing my best.

So for breakfast today, I went to the University’s cafeteria we call The Denaples center. This morning I went to the third floor and went straight to the egg station where you can order any type of eggs and the chefs cook them in front of you. I always have a difficult time choosing between scrambled eggs with cheese and two eggs sunny side up. Today I ordered sunny side up and I had some bacon, sausage, potatoes, and whole wheat toast. At home I like to cook breakfast. One of the reasons why I like to cook is because I want to know what ingredients are going into my meal. I taught myself how to make eggs sunny side up because I love the taste of the egg yoke on my toast. I always find new ways to cook on sites like where people post various recipes. But when I am in school and I’m in a rush I can still find the time to stop by the Denaples for a meal that is like home. The friendly faces of the workers in Denaples reassures how welcomed Scranton makes you feel. Even when I feel a little homesick a friendly smile will always cheer me up especially when they are making delicious eggs.



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